“If you know Bourke, You know Australia” – that was the poet’s claim,
Still there’s much about the place that is unknown just the same,
So we’re talking to the locals, in their home and at their work,
To try and find just what it is you know – If you know Bourke !”


‘If You Know Bourke’ is a 14 part radio series created by Andrew Hull for the 150th Anniversary of Bourke. Each episode is an interview with a Bourke resident about their role in the community, and what it was that they valued about Bourke.

Andrew has crafted a piece of poetry that not only accompanies each piece, but weaves itself into the narrative of the story, adding further insight into what it was that people were really saying about the town and their lives. The end result is much more than a piece of documentary, but an emotive, thoughtful and poignant portrayal of the community that is, above all else, very entertaining.