The Festival of a Thousand Stories

Bourke NSW


The Festival of a Thousand Stories celebrates the many tales that have etched ‘the Back o’ Bourke’ forever into the Australian psyche.


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If you know Bourke

“If you know Bourke, You know Australia” – that was the poet’s claim, Still there’s much about the place that is unknown just the same. So we’re talking to the locals, in their home and at their work, To try and find just what it is you know – If you know Bourke !”

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Jason Roweth – The Greenhand Rousabout

Jason Roweth recites Henry Lawson’s ‘Greenhand Rousabout’ in the historic Toorale Woolshed, where the poem originated – on the annual Poet’s Trek – Bourke, NSW. Part of the Festival of a Thousand Stories.

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